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About Us

Hercules Store was established in New Zealand in 2009. Since then we have serviced over 40,000 customers throughout New Zealand. Today, Hercules Store is one of the most popular retail stores in New Zealand. We're sure you'll agree with our 40,000+ strong customer base that Hercules Store is the perfect place to find smart bargains and save! Plus, our product range is unrivalled when it comes to quality, reliability and value for money.
Our Home Brand - We Design, We manufacture, We sell
Hercules Instant Shelters:
Hercules has grown to become one of New Zealand largest and most respected suppliers of pop up gazebos, instant shelters, mini marquees, banners, flags etc.
Over this time we have supplied many well-known, high profile organizations with pop up gazebos including Fisher&Paykels, City Councils, NZ Navy, The Salvation Army, Mai FM, Plunket and Ambulance as well as many individuals from independent businesses to large corporate organizations across a range of industry sectors.
Hercules prides itself on having the highest quality manufactured products, supported by great customer service, print and fast delivery. We work closely with our own manufacturing facility which allows us to monitor and control the quality of all materials and components used in the construction of our product range, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
We stock six grades of frame strength to suit all uses and budgets. Plain, unprinted marquees are available in various colors and sizes for next working day delivery and can be supplied with or without walls.
Our gazebos are quick and easy to set-up and transport. All come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to eight years and are 100% waterproof, UV stable and flame retardant. All gazebo parts are replaceable, with spare parts readily available from stock for next working day delivery.
Hercules Pets:
Hercules Store supplies varieties of Chicken Coops, Rabbit Hutches, Genniue Pig house, Cat Scratching Pole, Dog Crate, Dog Pens, Runs etc. We have sold thousands of good quality pets’ products and got excellent feedback.
Hercules Sheds:
Hercules is a long-standing and trusted brand of maintenance-free metal garden sheds. These products offer the ultimate value for money solution in terms of garden storage, with long anti-rust guarantees. All Hercules sheds are highly resistant to corrosion - the six stage preparation and full hot dip immersion in costly zinc gives 10 times better rust protection than the flash electro-galvanising that is associated with many other brand sheds. Hercules's classic ribbed wall and roof cladding has been especially designed to blend into the garden setting whilst providing superior strength and protection against dents. Folded safety edges are provided on all panels. Includes free anchor kit for safely fixing the assembled shed to a firm level base. 

Hercules Trampoline:
Hercules trampolines are highly recommended to children and adult bounce in their ways to enjoy their entertaining or exercise time. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Includes a soft yet durable safety enclosure attached directly to the jumping mat with thick padded poles to prevent your child from falling off. Size available at 55inch, 10ft,12ft and 14ft.